About The Cities

Quick Bio

I don’t take myself or the Internet seriously, but I do take my job very seriously. I have inspected homes in the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over 35 years. I have been blessed. I continue to inspect some of the most beautiful homes in the country.

I live in north Tarrant County and it happens to be just one of the many growing areas in North Texas. Dallas County is perceived by outsiders to be more cosmopolitan but struggles with its rapid growth and doesn’t seem to be content with prosperity. Dallas seems to be a city that continues to re-invent itself on a regular basis.

Like all major cities Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth each have a diverse population, but Dallas residents seem to know the least about their geographic counterparts. Dallas has been described as “like New York without the attitude”. Dallas has a perpetual identity crisis and is constantly trying to recreate its image. Fort Worth is a city with an image, identity and history that residents are proud to share. Arlington is a growing community with great schools and is fast-becoming a cultural center and an entertainment hub.

Have your home inspected by someone with 35 years of experience.