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By David Padgett

David Padgett is a home inspector with 35 years of experience covering the Arlington, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He has performed over 10,000 home inspections since 1985. Arlington Property Services is here to help you understand. David has seen just about everything that you can imagine when it comes to houses. With his extensive background, it isn’t often that he comes across something that he hasn’t seen in the past.

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My name is
David Padgett

I am a licensed Professional Inspector. Like real estate agents, appraisers  and others, I am licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

I posted my first website in early 1995, a time long before the “Big Bang” of Bing, Google and Yahoo. My modest URL soon was swallowed up and is now relegated to a black hole in the vast universe called the Internet.  

If you were to actually find my website in a routine search for Texas home inspectors, bless your heart, bookmark the page. Like a comet, it is likely not to appear again in my lifetime.

Real estate agents have found the web to be very adaptable. Once they commit to it however, they discover that they  must devote a considerable amount of time keeping it current. [Or pay others to tend to it.] 

Like many others, I don’t depend upon the World Wide Web for my business. I have other ways to manage my business.

The Internet helps me to maintain an identity, a profile and allows me to post interesting information related to home inspections.

Fortunately, my business is local and much of it is repeat; former clients and 35 years of referrals.

Have your home inspected by someone with 35 years of experience.