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by David Padgett
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David Padgett is a home inspector with 34 years of experience covering the Arlington, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He has performed over 10,000 home inspections since 1985. Arlington Property Services is here to help you understand. David has seen just about everything that you can imagine when it comes to houses. With his extensive background, it isn’t often that he comes across something that he hasn’t seen in the past. Call (817) 269-4419 to schedule your home inspection.

Soil Shrinkage

Ever wonder how much the soil in Texas can shrink without water? Take a look at this separated plastic pipe and the broken PVC next to it. Not to mention the huge gap between the foundation and the soil that is supposed to hold it up. Click on the photo for a closer view.

Rodents in the attic?

Someone has their lines crossed. A water line and 2 electrical lines draped across a gas pipe. Any one of three things can happen here and none of them is good. A gas leak, a fire (or both) and a water leak. Secondly, your home inspector doesn’t have to see rodent droppings to know that rodents have shared the home with humans. If the inspector tells you there are four-legged furry little critters also living there, believe him.

Gas heating does not always save money….

…especially when you have to replace it. This gas heating unit is worn out. It should have been replaced years ago. The scorching isn’t normal [you probably guessed that much]. Having flames lapping the sides of this fire-trap is frightening enough in itself but I once found a unit just like it in a church day care center in Arlington.

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